2023 Banana Cultivation

We have launched a banana cultivation project in the new year. The goal is to propagate up to 500 variety certified and virus-free apple bananas (Dwarf Brazilian) in collaboration with the Hawaii Agriculural Research Centre (HARC) through funding provided by the Agricultural Development Division, Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Dwarf Brazilian variety
This variety is an apple banana commonly cultivated throughout the Hawaii Islands.
Tolerant of poor soil, and can be grown in full shade or sun. This versatile banana is suitable for growing in-ground or in containers, requires less water than other Hawaiian varieties, and is one of the most cold hardy of the edible bananas, tolerating colder temperatures. Dwarf Brazilian Bananas are prized for their sweetness and can be used in the same way as the standard Cavendish.

It has a strong thick pseudo stem and a strong root system. Leaves are medium in length and will reach mature sizes of 1 meter. Leaves tend to be quite leathery and tough. It has shown good wind tolerance in storms up to 50 mph. It has a tendency to hold its leaves tight with short petioles. The color ranges from Kelly green to a nice deep Forest green. It is cold tolerant, and resistant to all diseases. Fruit will ripen on the plant without splitting. The male flower is quite tasty when cooked and eaten in a salad.