Trees for St. Croix

Trees provide the very necessities of life itself. They clean our air, protect our drinking water, create healthy communities, and feed the human soul. But these life necessities are threatened in the US Virgin Islands and around the globe.

To address this, we’ve launched an unprecedented undertaking –  the Trees for St. Croix Project. Together, we can create change … through trees.

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Mission: To inspire people to plant trees and to join us in the tradition of saving seeds. 

We have 3 Goals:

  1. Grow 6000 of trees in 6 months for FREE distribution to the public.
  2. Educate the public to the importance of having trees in both the home and urban landscape.
  3. Launch a community-based initiative for seed stewardship by collecting seeds of local native trees for storage in our seed bank.

Pickup 5 Free Trees in early 2020

Select and Order up to 5 trees that grow well where you live, and we’ll grow them for to you to plant by early 2020.