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Trees for the US Virgin Islands

Nursery Production Microloan Grant Program We have launched a microfinance partnership with local farmers. Each participant receives funding to construct a 100 sq. ft. (10 ft. x 10 ft.) nursery for the production and sale of primarily fruit tree and edible plants to improve local food security. Nursery managers market plants through an online sales portal and at…
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Hawaii `Ulu Project

We are a small-scale nursery assisting in supporting the development of Hawaiʻi's breadfruit industry and committed to providing a convenient way to distribute high quality certified varietal `ulu trees to homeowners and farmers. Our goal is to simply to increase access to fresh ʻulu and provide local food security. Plants distributed to date: 1110 We…
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Germplasm Introduction

'GEM' is a new avocado variety is making its way into the global marketplace that might give the venerable Hass variety a run for its money. The acreage in California is increasing with yields increasing in production over the next three to five years. New acreage are now being planted each spring.
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